Your First Steps to a Richer Life Together

Shortly after we got engaged we not only had our wedding on our minds but more importantly, we wanted to make sure we had a home to live in after we committed ourselves to each other. My husband was ready to make this step and had saved a pretty substantial down payment (jackpot! LOL).  We found the perfect home, had a small wedding shower and received everything we needed and more for our place. We were doing well. When it came to our wedding we were determined to have a TINY WEDDING.  We wanted to start our life DEBT FREE!

I was curious to see how many other couples felt the same way. With this in mind I set out to find brides who had small weddings and why they made that decision.  One bride expressed, “We decided that what mattered most to us was having our friends and family there, and we cut the cost per person rather than cutting the guest list.” She also expressed she didn’t want to start her married life with DEBT . Another bride also stated “I know it can be done beautifully without putting yourself in monumental debt at the start of our new lives.” So after hearing these two testimonials I knew I wasn’t the only who felt having a TINY WEDDING was a good choice.

I went on to ask one of the brides what she did in order to keep her wedding TINY and still achieve her ultimate wedding day. She said her total wedding budget was $7,000; she had 60+ guests, held the wedding at a church and used the fellowship hall for her reception.  They did nearly everything DIY, asked one of her sisters to do their photography. Their 3 tier wedding cake was only $300 and her dress was only $350! She concluded with saying “Because of proper planning, I learned how to save money the right way, both long term and short term, and paid for my wedding .”

So your first step to a RICHER life is a wedding that doesn’t break the bank. One that allows you to start your new adventure with your wonderful partner without worrying how you are going to PAY your wedding off!

I thought I’d give you my 5 tips to starting your life RICHER together:

  • Sit down with your partner and discuss what is most important to both of you in regards to your wedding
  • Set a budget based on what you can afford
  • If you have not set money aside already, open up an account and set up a direct deposit based on what you have determined your budget will be (you can contribute weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)
  • Try to do as much DIY’s as you can or find family and friends that may be able to offer you a service for your special day at a low cost or FREE
  • STICK to your budget! Log all your expenses; contact at least three vendors in each of your categories for your big day!

Let me know what you did or will be doing in order to start your life RICHER together. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Ciao ciao xo

Photo credit: FJ Sarmiento Photography


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