Finding the Ultimate Sophistication in a Simple Wedding – Exploring a Minimalist Wedding

While looking at pictures of small weddings on the net I stumbled upon this beautiful picture caption as a ‘Minimalist wedding setup’. It peaked my interest, so I began to look into it more. This type of wedding really intrigued me it was simple, elegant and understated. These three things really aligned with me because my wedding was simple and elegant. As I think back I’m not sure it was understated but two out of three was a good start (lol). I decided to write about this type of wedding because I really think it ties into the whole idea of a TINY WEDDING. I have compiled a list of 6 components of minimal weddings for you.

  1. Invites and Escort Cards – After looking at many pictures it seems that both the invites and the escort cards were elegant and understated. A quick example would be a plain white background with a simple but elegant font. The Escort cards would match the invites for consistency.
  2. Bridal Bouquet and Boutonnieres – The brides bouquet would be very simple usually white flowers with some sort of greenery and the boutonnieres would follow suit. Envision the brides bouquet on a white dress, the greenery popping and the slight difference in the flower colour against her dress. Then envision the grooms’ greenery on his black or white tuxedo jacket.
  3. Wedding Dress – The dress would be both simple and glamourous but no fluff. Elegant and breath-taking.
  4. Wedding Cake – a tower of simplicity muted with small amounts of greenery
  5. Ceremony and Table Décor – The ceremony could feature a white wall with natural accents and the table décor would have greenery and colourful flatware or the opposite a mix of white and colourful flowers with white flatware.
  6. Favours – Simple favours that would give the guests something they could use. The most popular favour I found was a small bottle of olive oil with a small greenery attached.

If I ever had to renew my vows and make a big to-do about it, I can totally see myself going with a minimalist theme. I love simple, elegant and understated. There is just something about sleek lines, simplicity and sophistication. Let me know what you think. Is a minimalist wedding your style?


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