Saying Thank You to Your Guests By Supporting Local

So let’s talk about favors, bombonieres, takeaways or whatever you like to call them. You just want your guests to come away with something to remember your special day. I wasn’t really on the Facebook train when I got married. I had NO idea I could find local businesses on there. So when it came to my bombonieres for my wedding day I just went with the old fashioned way. I went to a highly populated area where bridal stores were around and I went to each one to check out their stuff. I set a budget and went to work. Now, because I had a TINY WEDDING I didn’t need a lot. I budgeted for $9 a piece (that would have to include wrapping and that yucky almond candy attached). According to my mother I needed to have them because it was custom (so she won that battle! LOL).

Since becoming a mother I have found a ton of home based businesses run by other mom’s in my community. It is so wonderful to contribute to our communities by cutting out the big box stores when we can. Supporting local is an amazing way to get a good quality product and instead of buying a new vacation home for that CEO; families are benefiting directly. This takes me to the whole point of this article. I stumbled across a woman in my area, I like to call her my chocolatier(is that how you even spell it?!) but she calls herself a designer of all things chocolate. Her name is Suzanne Smith and her business is called Biscuits to Baskets. She established her business in 2003. Her creations are not only eye-catching but taste so incredibly good! I have been buying from her for almost 2 years now and I decided to approach her to be featured in this blog. She has been doing wedding favors for brides for a long time so I wanted to pick her brain about her creations and why chocolate favors were so appealing to brides. She happily obliged, so without further ado here were the questions and her responses.

Why did you start this home-based business?

I like making people happy with treats/food and always have. The best compliment ever is when someone loves what you make not only for taste but for looks.

When you work with brides to create their favors what is their main reason for coming to you vs going somewhere else?

My feedback from brides were, they were tired of the traditional favors out there (almond candies). They found that they could do a donation plus have favors handed out to guests on their budgets, instead of spending big bucks on Bombonieres (dust collectors as some brides put it). They also loved that they could buy it in bulk from me and package it the way they wanted to, plus it saved on cost for them.

Other than just favors, is there anything else brides have come to you for?

Yes, I also make mini treats that some wedding couples want to have at their table settings. I also offer for the bridal party spa/treat baskets with bath salts and some treats to enjoy before or after the big day is over.

Why do you think it’s so important for brides to support local?

Local businesses provide a growth to our community. Brides can provide that growth simply by giving a local business a chance to make their day beautiful!

Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen, if you are a bride and you are looking for a way to support your community seek out some local businesses. You will be able to customize your favors to your liking and your hard earned money will put food on the table for their families or help put a child in programs. It really makes a difference for both parties. I’d like to thank Suzanne Smith for taking the time to share her creations and her expertise with me today! Check out Biscuits to Baskets on Facebook at


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