The History of the Wedding Ring Bearer

So where did the tradition of the ring bearer originate? I had to ask myself the same thing when I got married I didn’t really have any little boys around to play that role, my husbands best man brought our rings with him. So I started digging and it was very hard to pin point an answer. Some sources said it started in Ancient Egypt, where it was customary to carry these beautiful treasures on an ornamental pillow and other say it started in the Medieval times when Northern Europeans were presenting rings on the tips of their swords (what the…) Well that was enough to scare me off, I mean if my suitor gave me a ring that way I’m not sure I’d be inclined to say yes (but that’s just me).

So even though I wasn’t successful in finding a concrete answer there is no doubt that brides around the world seek out that perfect pillow to display their rings on! We have seen an increase in little furry ones taking their owners rings up the aisle but there still seems to be a very large percentage of brides that choose their favorite little boy to hold that very important pillow. Ring bearers usually range from ages 4 to 10 but there isn’t anything saying the person can’t be older or younger.

The position of the ring bearer has become very flexible over the years. Sometimes little boys are just there to accompany the little flower girls and sometimes they play a different roll all together. The cutest example I’ve seen is the little boy holding some sort of sign that says ‘Here comes the bride’. Completely and totally adorable!! Regardless of the role of your ‘ring bearer’ you will have to make sure he looks stylish doing it. Whether he looks like a little groomsman or like a mini of the groom, he’s sure to make an impression all around.

If you do choose a wonderful little boy to be your ring bearer, you now need to figure out what you want your ring bearer pillow to look like! You want it to suit your theme and reflect what your day is all about. To get the perfect ring bearer pillow designed just for you start brainstorming and contact me with ALL your fabulous ideas. I’d like to make your vision a reality! Contact me, I can’t wait to here from you!




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